5 Hip Strengthening Variations for Stability and Power


  • Everyone can benefit from hip strengthening exercises

  • Strong hips can prevent many knee and ankle injuries

  • The hips function to stabilize the core and lower extremities

  • Strong hips can prevent injury and improve all aspects of athletic performance

The majority of the “comprehensive” training programs on the market today are guilty of neglecting isolated hip strengthening proclaiming that the hips get enough stimulation during leg training.

However, don’t be misled, they must be trained separately and consistently for maximum results in any physical endeavor. Based upon the fact that most hip training movements are performed by moving the legs in various directions, it is natural to consider these exercises as “leg exercises” and be substituted for the more conventional squats, lunges and leg presses as a way to train the lower body. However, when looked at more closely, the true function of the hips is to stabilize the core from below and produce powerful but controlled rotation of the lower body on the upper body.

The abs get a lot of attention for being the primary stabilizers of our body. The role of the abs is to resist rotation and streamline the power generated by the legs. A strong abdominal region without equally powerful hips is like having a Lamborghini in the driveway with no gas in the tank. It might be pretty to look at and built for performance (strong abs), but its not going anywhere until you fuel it up (strengthen the hips)! 

As little as one to two sets of 5 movements can light the hips up unlike any traditional leg program has before, in areas that quite possibly you have never truly worked before!

For all of the exercises, as hip stability improves, you have the ability to increase the intensity by holding medicine balls, attaching tubing to the waist, etc. Regardless of the strength level you are at, adding the following exercises to your lower body/core training program will strengthen muscles you never knew you had to improve your stability and power!

About the author


Dr. Dale Bartek

Dale Bartek is a Physical Therapist and performance enhancement specialist with nearly a decade of elite-level training experience and advanced skills in manual therapy and functional dry needling.

Dale is currently working at Fyzical SPORTS in Las Vegas, Nevada where he has helped treat some of the world's top athletes including MLB All-Stars, Olympic Gold Medalists, and top NCAA athletes from around the country.

Dale is committed to continued learning and helping people achieve their physical therapy, fitness, performance and personal goals. He has a strong passion for baseball and weight training with a vision of combining high performance strength training principles, elite sports performance physical therapy, and pain free training approaches to revolutionize the way athletes look, feel, function and perform.